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Release Date Notes Code changes
1.7.11 2018-09-11 Better detection of servers using HTTPS. Fix compatibility with PHP 5.3. 1.7.10 to 1.7.11
1.7.10 2018-08-17 Compatibility for MySQL 8.0, and PHP 7.1 and 7.2. Updates to some of the language files. Minor security fixes. 1.7.9 to 1.7.10
1.7.9 2016-12-23 German censuses. PHP7.1 compatibility. Relationships via ancestors. Performance fixes. 1.7.8 to 1.7.9
1.7.8 2016-09-23 Bug fixes. 1.7.7 to 1.7.8
1.7.7 2016-07-17 Fix bug that causes a timeout with certain privacy settings and data. 1.7.6 to 1.7.7
1.7.6 2016-06-20 Fix bug that creates invalid GEDCOM for some source citations. 1.7.5 to 1.7.6
1.7.5 2016-06-16 Convert charts to modules. New translation into Albanian. Compatibility with PHP 5.3 and 7.0. 1.7.4 to 1.7.5
1.7.4 2016-03-02 Bug fixes and more census definitions 1.7.3 to 1.7.4
1.7.3 2016-01-06 Bug fixes and updated census assistant 1.7.2 to 1.7.3
1.7.2 2015-08-17 Bug fixes and updated translations 1.7.1 to 1.7.2
1.7.1 2015-07-13 Fix compatibility with PHP5.3 1.7.0 to 1.7.1
1.7.0 2015-07-11 Code modernisation. Support for PHP5.6. New control panel. Many bug fixes.
1.6.2 2014-12-21 Maintenance release, 25 bug fixes
1.6.1 2014-11-09 Maintenance release, 30 bug fixes
1.6.0 2014-10-12 Major internal rewrite to improve code quality, stability and performance. New feature to merge trees.
1.5.3 2014-05-02 Maintenance release, 30 bug fixes
1.5.2 2014-02-09 Maintenance release, 30 bug fixes, one new feature - an admin tool to update place names in bulk; implementation of Markdown formatting
1.5.1 2013-12-01 Maintenance release, 35 bug fixes. New online upgrade utility.
1.5.0 2013-11-09 Better handling of pending changes, improved GEDCOM editor, updated FAB theme, masquerade feature, performance increases, many bug fixes
1.4.6 2014-02-09 Maintenance release, a few bug fixes.
1.4.5 2013-12-02 Maintenance release, 25 bug fixes. New online upgrade utility.
1.4.4 2013-11-09 Security release for PHP-5.2 users
1.4.3 2013-06-25 Fix critical bug when adding family members and auto-accepting disabled.
1.4.2 2013-06-23 Maintenance release, 65 bug fixes. New Greek translation.
1.4.1 2013-03-27 Maintenance release, 20 bug fixes, mostly to the new media handling code. New Chinese translation.
1.4.0 2013-03-06 Refactor handling of media folders and paths to fix performance issues in the media admin/list pages. Various tweaks to improve responsiveness. Approximately 50 bug fixes.
1.3.2 2012-10-20 Maintenance release, 40 bug fixes, new Brazilian-Portuguese, Ukranian and Korean translations. Performance improvements. Improved data entry screens. Fix potential privacy problem.
1.3.1 2012-08-31 Maintenance release, 50 bug fixes, new Ukrainian, Nynorsk, Latvian, Malay, Marathi and Georgian translations.
1.3.0 2012-06-04 Lots of internal changes, security fixes, new administration tools, new Nepali and Tatar translations.
1.2.7 2012-02-13 Maintenance release, 50 bug fixes, fixed sitemap module, new Bulgarian translation.
1.2.6 2011-12-23 Maintenance release, 25 bug fixes, new sitemap module, new Icelandic translation.
1.2.5 2011-12-05 Maintenance release, including approximately 100 bug fixes, new Arabic translation
1.2.4 2011-10-30 Maintenance release, including approximately 200 bug fixes, new table displays and performance tweaks.
1.2.3 2011-08-04 Fix critical bug in 1.2.2 that prevent upgrades from previous versions
1.2.2 2011-08-04 Maintenance release, including 50 reported bugs and performance of the relationship calculations.
1.2.1 2011-06-13 Maintenance release, stronger password hashes, simpler menus for editing, various bug fixes.
1.2.0 2011-06-07 Performance of privacy calculations and media files, redesign of individual page, update themes and menus to make greater use of CSS styling, fix 35 reported bugs.
1.1.2 2011-04-11 Performance of individual lists, new interactive tree, fix 50 reported bugs and many minor enhancements.
1.1.1 2011-03-05 Fix for performance problems in 1.1.0 release
1.1.0 2011-02-28 Rewrite of the management functions, update Google Maps to include Street View mapping, fix 75 reported bugs, add Vietnamese and Persian translations, plus many minor improvements.
1.0.6 2010-12-06 Maintenance release, fixing 30 reported bugs.
1.0.5 2010-11-06 Maintenance release, fixing 25 reported bugs and a similar number of unreported ones.
1.0.4 2010-10-08 Fixes a significant bug - Using the pending changes form to accept a record deletion claimed to be successful, but was not - leaving the record orphaned. Because of this bug, you are advised to upgrade.
1.0.3 2010-09-27 Maintenance release, fixing approximately 20 bugs.
1.0.2 2010-09-14 Fixes approximately 30 bugs, including one privacy related bug that could allow new users to have their accounts authorised without admin approval.
1.0.1 2010-08-30 Fixes approximately 15 bugs, mostly related to setup, import and configuration.
1.0.0 2010-08-26 First Stable Release.

Additional Notes

After an upgrade, there are frequently old scripts which are no longer needed. These are generally harmless and webtrees will attempt to delete these automatically, to save space. However, server permissions may not always allow this. If this is the case, you may wish to delete them manually.