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The long version

The Media Firewall functions have been completely rewritten for webtrees 1.4.0. The Media Firewall is now an integral part of webtrees, and cannot be disabled/enabled.

There have been several changes to the way media paths are processed. These have been necessary to fix the performance problems that affected the old media lists/admin pages.

  • Previously, the Media Firewall relied on webserver redirection (e.g. with .htaccess files). Now, webtrees generates links directly to the Media Firewall. If you had direct links to media files, (such as from HTML blocks on your home page), then you will need to change these links to use the Media Firewall's URL.
  • Previously, the media folder was (optionally) included in the GEDCOM data (e.g. "1 FILE media/my_folder/photo.jpg"). Now, the media folder is never included (e.g. "1 FILE my_folder/photo.jpg"). The upgrade process will convert these automatically.
  • Previously, media paths could contain a mixture of "/" and "\" separators. Now, they will only contain "/". The upgrade process will convert these automatically.
  • GEDCOM data from desktop applications sometimes contains full paths. e.g. "C:\users\documents\genealogy\my_folder\photo.jpg. Previously, you needed to specify the number of (lowest level) folders to keep. Now, you specify the (highest level) path-prefix to ignore. This path prefix is stripped when importing (or uploading) new or replacement data, and you will have the option to add the path when downloading data to your local computer. Note: Export puts a precise copy of the family tree file into your /data/ folder and this copy will contain only the server media paths, while download will provide you with privacy and path options. If you used this feature prior to v1.4.0, then after the upgrade, you will need to specify the path-prefix in the family-tree configuration page, and then export/import your data.
  • Previously, you needed to specify the number of sub-folder levels that could be created. Now, this is automatic.
  • Previously, there were two media folders - public and protected. Media files could be stored in both, and webtrees would search both locations. Now, there is only the protected folder. All media files (and thumbnails) must be stored in this folder. If you always protected your thumbnails and always kept your media in the protected folder, then the upgrade process will be automatic.

The short version

If you used the Media Firewall, then you should ensure that all your files and thumbnails are in the protected folder before you upgrade to webtrees 1.4.0. If you do not do this, then you may need to manually move your files afterwards.

This page has not been reviewed since webtrees 1.7.4. It may be out of date.