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The Administrator manages users who can have different roles (or privileges):

  • Administrator who can do and see anything on the site and can create new users.
  • Manager who can administer family tree configuration and privacy and accept changes.
  • Moderator who has edit privileges, and who can also accept or undo changes made by others.

  • Editor who can edit anything he or she can see. The changes he or she made need to be accepted by a user with higher access privileges.
  • Member (authenticated user) has a "My Page" and can view all public data and those private data that are allowed by privacy settings.
  • Visitor is a visitor that has not authenticated by entering a username and password. Default privacy settings do not give the public visitor an access to the data of living people. Public visitor cannot edit data.

The division between topics covered in Administration Guide and Users Information runs more or less in the middle of this list: information in this guide is aimed at the Site and Gedcom Administrators and also Acceptors, while the Users Information covers topics for Editors and Users, (and also Visitors), with some Acceptor topics as well. Sections below outline responsibilities of the Administrators.

This page has not been reviewed since webtrees 1.7.4. It may be out of date.

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